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September 10, 2017

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Since we may not know each other, I thought I would start with a little snippet about the family:

Kristine (me)

With a weak chin, bad eyesight and, at times, crazy hair, I’m the type of person that craves illusive alone time (introvert) while instantly missing my family when it finally happens.  Growing up I always thought I would become a veterinarian, but later in life I realized I don’t have the heart to deal with sick animals. I’ve flounced around between non-profit work (mostly fundraising at a couple of zoos) to for-profit jobs (from retail to producing mobile applications) over the past 15 years without any real focus or drive for one thing or another.  But, my love for animals lives on.

While I’m not sure exactly where I will end up in life, I know that being there right now for my child (soon to be children) may be the best thing I ever do (or at least have the greatest impact).  Although I was born in Utah, I was raised in Washington State.  I love to read, write and make crafts, though finding the time with a head-strong toddler is tough!

Chris (the husband)

Chris is an artist through and through.  He has worked in video game as a Concept artist for many years now, though his talents don’t stop there – he can sculpt (physically and digitally), paint (mostly digitally), draw (pretty much anything) and has a unique and intelligent writing style that I envy at times.

His favorite things to do are play with his son, plan RPG campaigns, and manipulate an immense amount of data in Excel spreadsheets.  I am continually amazed at his efforts to change things for the better and push the people he loves to do what they are most passionate about.  He was born and raised in Washington State.  He shares my love for books and animals.

James (the son)

James is an amazingly happy child, though he will definitely let you know if he is unhappy about something.  Coming from two stubborn parents definitely shows through in his personality, though some would just call him strong-willed.  He loves to play outdoors, run and chase, eat (but only what he’s in the mood for), say his numbers and letters (for now), play with his toy cars or marbles and is fascinated with anything and everything that mom and dad may be doing (even if it’s cooking over a boiling pot…aaaahhh!).

Baby (coming soon!)

Loves to keep his mama up with kicks, jabs, rolls and lots of heartburn.

Buster and Holly (the rabbits)

While we never thought we would be rabbit owners (though I had them as pets growing up), I thought it would be fun to pet some bunnies while I was pregnant with James….and then we had Holly, a holland lop.  So she wouldn’t be lonely, we adopted Buster, a male bunny (mixed breed) about the same age (though less opinionated).  Watching Buster clean his “queen” is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

They are both indoor bunnies and an equal part of the family, with plenty of time to run around the place and “binkie” to their little hearts’ content.  Their favorite pastimes are to chew through any cable in their reach, eat (that’s a big one) and generally chew on everything, including the legs of our couch.

Flora (the cat)

Flora has been with me for a little longer than I have been with Chris (over 12 years now)!  While she used to be a bit on the rotund side of things, she has lost a lot of weight and is now a very healthy looking kitty.  She loves to sleep, hide from strangers and guard the bathroom.


  • Reply Anitra September 12, 2017 at 3:47 am

    Great intro! I am in LOVE with the silhouettes of you all! Very clever and unique!

    • KrisBeeMama
      Reply KrisBeeMama September 12, 2017 at 3:49 am

      Thank you! It’s great having an artist for a husband, lol

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