KrisBeeMama is a collaboration between mamas working to support moms on their crazy parenting journey, with a focus on parenthood, babies and toddlers. Sure, many blogs focus on a single subject. Not KrisBeeMama! We believe that being a parent is full of so many different jobs, emotions, life changes, and tasks that all moms need all the help they can get…and not from a bunch of different sites. So welcome to your support community, fellow mama. Welcome to the Hive.

Parenthood: a guessing game with a million handbooks.

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The Owner and Founder

Who is this mom that is giving you suggestions? What makes her an expert on parenting? Well, I’m not an expert (I mean, nobody is really). I’m just a woman struggling through parenthood just like you, trying her best to share her trials and successes, products, crafts and anything else that will support moms.

Plus, I’m continually creating new free downloads and sharing resources for anything and everything that can help my fellow busy mamas.

So who am I? Some people would call me weird, others may call me down to earth. Nerdy? Centered? Lazy? Resourceful? It all depends on the day.

My life is messy, wonderful, crazy and a little on the quirky side. Like anyone else with children, my focus is to create some semblance of order in the chaos of daily life.

I come from a large family (5 kids), and I am astounded every day that my mother survived (she had all of us within 6 years!). I am more than content with my two beautiful boys, Jimmy and Ben, and husband, Chris.

As a stay at home mom (SAHM), every single day is filled with diapers, clutter, tantrums, laundry, endless cooking, play dates, budgeting and, yes, love for my family.

Most of my writing is done one handed with a baby or toddler in my arms (like right now). I hope to share some of my experiences, projects and products that make my messy life less…crazy (even if by a little). Queen bee on the job.

Story of the Blog Name & Logo

I’ve been asked where the name and logo of KrisBeeMama came from. It’s a little strange, right? What could it possibly mean? Beware, the story is a bit lengthy.

Originally, I was going for something to show I was a mother who is slightly “crispy” (a play on the term “crunchy mama,” someone who uses mostly natural products and remedies) since I used to want to be a “crunchy mama,” but both money and practicality in my daily life got in the way.

So I tried CrispyMama and KrispyMama (since my name starts with K), but those were already taken. Then, I made a list of names I could use that were similar.

One of those ideas was KrisBeeMama, a play on the original idea that also ties in to my first and last name (Kris B.) and incorporates a fun, quirky bit (I LOVE bumblebees and studied them in college). It didn’t hurt that I could toy with “queen bee” or “hive life” for my writing!

When it came time for a logo, my husband, the artist, came to the rescue.

And there you have it. A name and logo that seem odd but make sense in a strange, long-winded way. Like every other decision and thought process, it took many winding roads to get to the destination.

Image of Kristine of KrisBeeMama.com holding baby, cooking, and using a laptop