What Are Night Terrors And How Do You Minimize Them?

Toddler boy sleeping with a stuffed animal

Before we get into this sensitive topic, let’s make sure we are on the same page.  Night terrors are not normal nightmares. Night terrors are intense episodes where children are generally crying out of fear in their sleep and oftentimes difficult to wake up.   If you have a toddler with night terrors you know the symptoms are brutal. From screaming to night sweats. Children may not even remember the incident the next day.  First, a little about the author: Night…

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Perfect Toys For Active 3 Year Old Toddlers For Indoor Play

Do you have an active 3 year old toddler that won't sit still for activities? Typical painting and drawing crafts just not a good option? Well here are some great indoor toys for your active toddler from forts to obstacle course items to learning activities.

 Do you have a toddler that never seems to stop moving? Is your 3 year old the type of child that has a hard time sitting still for an activity? Here are some great 3 year old toys for your active toddler. My son is 3-years-old. I always thought I would have a child I could share fun crafts (painting, gluing, etc) and projects with…nope. Not in the cards. That’s ok! But, it can be hard to try to…

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What To Do If You Are Worried About Your Child’s Development

When my son showed signs of developmental delays, I didn't know what to do. My pediatrician recommended the Early Intervention program. With an assessment from professionals in the child development (speech, occupational therapy and behavioral therapy), my son got the help he needed.

 As parents, we have so many things to juggle in our daily lives, but the added stress about a potential “developmental delay” can make things even harder. But, there are ways to get help. A program exists called the Early Intervention Program that can assist in determining if you child needs some help in his/her development. This article focuses on a program specific to children ages 0-3. I also speak mostly from my own experience with a toddler –…

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Amazing Pretend Play Food For Your Child’s Toy Kitchen

Looking for some great, unique toy food for your pretend kitchen? Here are some ideas for your child's next favorite pretend play toys, perfect for birthday parties and Christmas,

 When it comes to play food for kids, I will admit I’m a little obsessed. While I have made a lot of my own along the way, there are some truly amazing creations out there that you can’t find at your regular toy store. I do want to call out one creator specifically as my current favorite – HouseMountainNatural. Most creations are inspired by Montessori and Waldorf teaching principles and are wooden with natural, eco-friendly soy ink. Plus, she seals…

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Struggles With Becoming A First Time Mom

 Being a first-time mom is INSANE! No, I am not being dramatic, it really is. I read every book you can think of and felt so prepared for this new little bundle. I was a little bit older (27), and I thought I was a little more stable in my life and more mature, so therefore I could handle this and pass with flying colors. The reality looked like this: Breastfeeding What!? Living on a farm in South Africa,…

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