Inspiration For Your Next Great Quiet Book Page Without Sewing

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If you are new to making quiet books (or busy books) with felt, this is a great place to start! All pages require no sewing, just a glue gun!

I’ve helped the less crafty of moms make fun pages for their kids to save money and create something memorable for their kids – a keepsake from their childhood.

As a follow-up to my post introducing How to Create Felt Pages Without Sewing (which includes instructions for creating a matching shapes page!), I thought I would share some other pages I have created.  

While these pages do not include instructions, I hope these at least inspire you and show the large number of activities you can make for your book without sewing.

Keep in mind, some pages do include the use of more advanced tools (as noted in my Felt Quiet Books page), like a Crop-A-Dile Eyelet and Snap Punch.  These items will be listed in the supplies needed for each page.

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Example Pages

Please keep in mind that my son was “helping” me photograph the pages and they are definitely in “played with” condition!


A super simple page for your child to learn to zip zippers (which you can usually find at your local dollar store!).

Supplies needed:

  1. Stiffened felt backing (9×12″ in example) – you may want to glue two felt backings together to make zipping easier for your child
  2. 3 zippers
  3. Glue gun and glue sticks
  4. Scissors
  5. Optional:  Felt sticker letters (still use glue gun!)

Note:  Make sure to only glue the two sides of the zipper without getting any glue in the “teeth” of the zipper.

Velcro Alphabet

Circles with all the letters of the alphabet. Pull them all off and your child can velcro them back on (hopefully in order!). This may look hard to make, but it’s merely a little time intensive.

Supplies needed:

  1. Stiffened felt backing (9×12″ in example)
  2. Felt sticker alphabet letters
  3. 26 sets of velcro dots (glue your velcro)
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue gun and glue sticks
  6. Optional:  Stiffened felt circles (if you want precut – otherwise use your scissors to cut circles around your letters)

Velcro Fruit Tree

Picking fruit from a tree is a simple activity that’s easy to make. My son will get his toy animals out to feed them fruit from the tree!

Supplies needed:

  1. Stiffened felt backing (9×12″ in example)
  2. Stiffened felt for fruit (in this example, die cutting was used and the fruit)
  3. Velcro dots (number depends on how many fruit items you create
  4. Felt for the tree (stiffened or non-stiffened), tree trunk and baskets (baskets glued on the lower three edges only)
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue gun and glue sticks

Note: I did not create this page – it is an example of a page received at a page swap (see this post for details on how a swap may work).

Seasons Pretend Play

This one is so fun and educational! Teach your child the four seasons and weather! I created a tree that my son decorates with:

  • Spring: small clouds, rain drops, flower blossoms on green leaves and small sun
  • Summer: large sun, green tree with fruit
  • Fall: colorful leaves (for on the free and ground), large clouds, and rain drops
  • Winter: snowflakes for the sky, large clouds, and white blobs for snow on the tree or ground

Supplies needed:

  1. Stiffened felt backing (9×12″ in example)
  2. Additional felt (stiffened or non-stiffened) for the tree, ground, season decoration pockets and season decorations (snow, rain, sun, etc)
  3. Felt sticker letters (make sure you glue them even though they may have a sticky back!)
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue gun and glue sticks

Decorated with Spring items:

While I used eyelets and a couple binder rings to connect two pages, you can put the season pockets on the backside of your activity page.

5 Bears on the Bed

This is a play on the “Ten Little Monkeys” song/book. Four of the bears can “fall off the bed” and “bonk their heads” by sliding down a string attached to the back of the page with glue.

Supplies needed:

  1. Stiffened felt backing (9×12″ in example)
  2. Felt (stiffened or non-stiffened) for the bed and, if desired, 5 handmade monkeys (or bears in this example).  I used a small strip of felt behind the animals to hold the bears on the string (not glued in the middle so they slide on the string)
  3. Felt numbers 1-5 (remember to still glue the numbers even if they have a sticky back!)
  4. String (I sewed the string on at the top of the bed and below the bed, but you can also just use a dab of glue)
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue gun and glue sticks
  7. Optional:  Premade monkey or other animal to “fall” off the bed

Potato Head

A classic activity – decorate Mr. Potato Head! This one can be as easy or complicated as you would like.

Note that most of the decoration items were created using die cuts at a local craft store (call around to see if anywhere close to you offers die cuts – these are amazing time savers!)

  1. Stiffened felt backing (9×12″ in example)
  2. Felt (I suggest stiffened for the decoration items, but you can use stiffened or non-stiffened for the body and arms on the page backing for decoration)
  3. Optional:  Permanent sharpie markers to add details to your decoration items
  4. Optional:  Zipper pencil bag for the back of the page to hold decoration items (these can be found at the dollar store!).  If you do not use a zipper bag, you can make a simple pocket on the back of the page with a flap of felt glued on only 3 sides.
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue gun and glue sticks

Decoration examples:


I’ll stop there, even though I have MANY more to share (maybe another time!). Feel free to contact me (or comment) if you have any questions!!

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16 thoughts on “Inspiration For Your Next Great Quiet Book Page Without Sewing”

  1. Sally Wentworth

    This is fantastic! Our daughter received one of the expensive ones from Etsy and when I saw it, i thought, maybe I could add to it. I’m not a seamstress so the no sew ideas are just great for me! Can’t wait to get started.

    1. Great! I made these when my son was way too young to use them. It’s likely great to wait until your child is old enough and can show you what he/she is interested in before you create a ton (like I did), but kids at playdates like to play with the ones that Jimmy doesn’t enjoy so it works out.

    1. I set up a no-sew event with local moms, prepped everything for the pages and the moms were just supposed to glue them together. Generally, some of the pages can be done so easily!

    1. I think there’s one downside to felt – if you have pets, they have a tendency to collect their fur. That’s why I made sure to say all pages are “played” condition!

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