I will be adding helpful links and information for all parents to save money, get help with parenting, resources for gluten free lifestyles and anything else I can think of that would be useful. If you can think of a great resource for fellow parents, please contact me!

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Also see the following pages with resources:

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Saving Money

Below are some money saving posts to check out:

Get your free quiet book page patterns (4 total) that require no sewing! Found in the KrisBeeMama Hive (subscribers only).

Crafts and Activities

In my short time as a mother, I have discovered that some of the best ways to save money involve making things yourself. Plus, if you make things yourself, you can modify each to your liking and, hopefully, plan ahead for the craft or activity to age up with your child(ren).

Although I know we would all love to have tons of time to devote to each task, that is not a reality many of us face as parents.  Most of the crafts and activities I share will be simple, easy and require no sewing (though there are exceptions).  Make ’em quick but make ’em last!

Here is some info and instructions I’ve put together for boards and quiet book pages for your toddlers or young kids:

Gluten Free

Below are some helpful websites for people who need (or want) a gluten free diet:


To declutter this article, I’ve created a separate page for the blogging resources I use. See the following links for helpful info on blogging:

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