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What Is The Hive Library?

The Hive Library is a page of free resources exclusively for my subscribers. Here are some of the free resources you will have access to as an email subscriber:

  • Family Budget Spreadsheet: I've had nothing but great feedback on this budget spreadsheet I made (my husband and I even use it ourselves now!). It's easy to use, and I've done all the hard work for you! It's in Google Sheets so all you need is a Google login.
  • Meal Planning: Multiple sheets you can print out to do your weekly meal planning.
  • Emergency Info Sheet: Type (or write) all emergency info for your family (closest ER, doctor info, any allergies and even vet info), print it out and then place the page on your fridge or somewhere quickly accessible for easy reference.
  • "Real" To Do List: Print this sheet out and create a realistic checklist for you busy mommin' schedule.
  • Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt: Print these sheets out and head on out into nature to find items, textures, colors and more!
  • 4 No-Sew Quiet Book Page Patterns: Learn how to make quiet book pages without sewing! The patterns are for learning colors, number and shapes, as well as learning to zip zippers!
And even more free resources are being added! Also make sure to check out my Resources page (free to anyone) for tips on saving money, doing crafts, and even starting a blog.Since the Hive Library is for subscribers only, you will receive a password to enter the page after you have confirmed your subscription in your email.