What to Buy Dad for Father’s Day: Geek Edition

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It has always been hard for me to find great, meaningful gifts for my husband for Father’s Day, especially with the craziness of being a mom. But, since we are now parents of two (ages 3 years and 4 months) and new homeowners on a tight budget, I’ve decided to get something fun for my husband to enjoy instead of spending lots of money on hand made items from Etsy (as I’ve done previously).

While this list blurs the lines between geek and nerd, I hope my shopping around saves you some time and effort this Father’s Day!

So, if your husband (or partner) is a geek, maybe some of the items below will help your mad dash to find the perfect present easier…and more fun!

Please note that almost all of these were items I was considering for my husband that have great reviews, though I have never used these products myself (though we own the Hogwarts game as of less than a week ago – we just need to find time to start playing!). I hope they all live up to the reviews!

1) Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Cooperative Game

This game came highly recommended by friends who also love Harry Potter. If your husband or family love games, this one will bring you together as you work as a team through all 7 years of Hogwarts together, building your magical abilities along the way! Each year at Hogwarts represents a single “game” that you must complete before advancing to the next year. Plus, if you complete all 7 years, you can start over with a new character to completely change the experience.

2) Color-changing Potion Lamp

Why not set a magical mood (maybe while playing the Harry Potter Hogwarts Cooperative Game?) with a potions lamp that ca change to your choice of 4 colors. I would personally like this as a bedside lamp.

3) Knight Pen Holder

This knight pen holder reminded me so much of the Harry Potter chess board scene! I thought it would be great to send it with a note saying: “So at least someone will always kneel for the king.” I like that the pen is refillable.

4) Geeky Projects and Activities Book

Get the Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share book written by a geeky dad who shows you how to do fun activities with your kids. For example, a demolition derby involving remote control cars and legos taped to the sides (see the example video through the link). The activities sound super interactive and fun for everyone.

5) Original Star Trek Coasters

While my first thought was “wow, coasters…”, these look really cool! Each coaster (6 total) is a slice of the Enterprise (NCC-1701) – put them all together like a puzzle to see the ship in all it’s glory!

6) Star Trek Door Chime

This is a motion sensitive Star Trek door chime from the Original Series modeled after the on-set designs. We have Star Trek costumes for the whole family, and this would be great fun to use with the kids.

7) Debugger T-Shirt

Not only does this shirt have a very retro look, but, as a former producer in mobile applications, made me laugh out loud! This isn’t something my husband would enjoy, but I can think of so many dads in my friend circle that would enjoy it!

8) Millenium Falcon Tool

My husband would love the novelty of this Star Wars Millennium Falcon tool. I’ll admit I’m not sure it would get much use (unless it was kept in the car for small jobs), but it would definitely be something to show his friends! It includes four hex keys, two screwdrivers, and an adjustable wrench.

9) Geek Poster

If you want to give your other half something that encompasses all sorts of levels of geekdom, this geek poster is fantastic. I actually think I might buy it for myself…no joke.

10) Geek Out Over Cooking

For the geek that loves to cook and wants to discover the science of cooking. If I hadn’t already told my husband about this book (since we were just talking about how cooking really works…strange but true), I would have bought this Cooking for Geeks book for him.

11) Experimenting With Babies Book

This one had me looking twice because it sounded so terrible! But after reading the description and reviews, I discovered that the Experimenting with Babies book actually sounded like a lot of fun! It’s a book that outlines activities and experiments to test your child’s cognitive and behavioral development. One reviewer did say the book starts at birth so he was disappointed that he missed out on half the book for his 9 month old. So, if you are expecting or just had a baby, this is a great one to check out.

12) Funny Wifi Mug

While this doesn’t sound too exciting, it’s a very fitting sentiment for almost all people now that everyone has smartphones. We have screens everywhere! This funny wifi mug would really make my husband laugh…then a little regretful. But isn’t that how parenthood goes?

13) Regrettable Comic Villains Book

My husband also draws and creates comic books, as well as loves to read them. As a child of the 80s, the style of The Legion of Regrettable Supervillains: Oddball Criminals from Comic Book History would be just up his alley. Plus, this would be hilarious to look through at some of the biggest fails in comic villain history!

14) Keyboard Waffle Iron

This would be an amazing gift for a programmer or PC gamer – and it’s functional! The Keyboard Waffle Iron was funded on Kickstarter. Unlike traditional waffle irons, this one works on the stove (it disperses the heat evenly), which makes it great for cleanup as you can throw it in the dishwasher. The downside is you have to flip it over to cook both sides.

15) Binary Tree T-Shirt

The design on this Binary Tree T-Shirt looks beautiful! I’ve always been partial to the tree of life imagery. Plus, you won’t notice the binary from far away, which will lead to a smile or a conversation starter (which may or may not be a good thing for your partner…).

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  1. Oh that key board waffle iron is a must have. I don’t know how I have gone through life without one of those in my kitchen! What a fun list you created. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lisa @

    Some of these are super cute! My husband would love the keyboard waffle maker. Or anything Star Trek!

  3. Is it really time to start thinking about Father’s Day already??? Thanks for the reminder and the good ideas!

  4. Thank you! I was wondering about some ideas for father’s day and you offered me the perfect list. Thank you 🙂

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