DIY Lift The Flap Activity Board That Ages Up With Your Child

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This lift the flap activity board was something that I made up as a way to teach colors, shapes, matching and all sorts of other lessons to my son.  While this activity board is a little more involved than the Basic Felt Board (which could be modified to become a variant of this board), there are a LOT of learning activities you can do with your child.

While I will provide links to some of the products I used for this project, you can look around your home, go to the dollar store, local craft store, anywhere you think you can get a great deal on anything you don’t already have on-hand.

I do want to apologize that I don’t have more images. We have two rabbits and the board met it’s end from gnawing rabbit teeth. I’ll make another one when I had time between my projects and parenting, lol.

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How To Make A Board


All linked items are to products I actually own and use:

  • Poster board (check the dollar store!)
  • Felt rectangles large enough to cover an index card (with a little extra at the top for hanging). You can do different colors for each or the same color. Either stiffened or soft felt will work.
  • Blank index cards (lined or not, up to you)
  • Scissors
  • Stiff felt strips for the top of your rectangles (technically optional, but adding a strip at the top makes attachment easier)
  • Clear index card holders
  • Glue gun and glue sticks (type and size of glue gun and sticks doesn’t matter – I prefer
  • Pens to write on the index cards
  • Pencil to mark the location of the flaps on the poster board (for gluing)
  • Stickers and other items (depending on the learning activity) to place on the index cards
  • Optional: Magnets to hold the felt flaps to the board (to make them removable, meaning you can pull them off the board)
  • Optional:  Ruler (if you are OCD like me and want the flaps to line up perfectly)


  1. Plug in your glue gun and load with a glue stick
  2. Measure your poster board and determine how many flaps (and size of the flaps) you would like (remember you will need to cover up an entire index card!)
  3. Cut felt rectangles (any color, stiffened or soft felt) for the flaps (place these on your poster board as you go to ensure your measurements were correct)
  4. Cut stiffened felt strips for the top of each of the rectangles
  5. Use your glue gun to glue the stiffened felt strips to the top of the rectangles
  6. Stick or glue your index card holders on the felt rectangles (on the same side as the stiffened felt strip at the top)
  7. Use a pen or pencil to mark the exact location of the rectangles on your poster board, then add a strip of glue to the top (on the opposite side of the stiffened felt strip) and glue each in place (make sure to glue one at a time since the glue will dry quickly)
  8. Stick or glue another index card holder to the poster board under each of the flaps you have created
  9. Optional: glue an additional index card to the top of the poster board above the flaps for a title card for each activity
  10. Write, draw or decorate the index cards for the type of activity you would like to make!

If you would like to use removable straps, merely purchase some magnets or velcro and adhere them to the back of the flaps and then to the poster board rather than glue down the flaps directly to the board.  If you use sticky velcro, make sure to still use your glue gun to fasten them.  If you use magnets, you may need to purchase or locate some additional glue (my glue gun did not adhere to the magnets).

While I placed the magnets on the back of the boards so it was more “pretty,” alignment is very challenging and the magnets need to be strong enough to work through your poster board.  This could be easier with strip magnets (or velcro).

Types of Activities

Here are some thoughts I have on activities you can do with this board:

  1. Color/Example:  Show the word (e.g. Red) on the front of the flap and reveal items that are that color (e.g. Apple).
  2. Shape/Example:  Show a shape (like a circle) on the flap and items that are that shape under the flap (like a wheel, ball and orange)
  3. Habitat/Example:  Show a picture or the word of a habitat (like the dessert) and reveal animals, plant types, anything you can think of that will help your child learn (like a lizard, cactus, etc)
  4. Continent/Animal:  Show a picture of a continent (or word) and ask your child what kind of animal lives there (like lions in Africa, bison in the USA, etc)
  5. Count/Number:  Place a certain number of stickers on an index card on the flap and reveal the total number (for example, place six ladybug stickers on the flap index card and reveal the number “6” under the flap)
  6. Letter/Letter words:  Place a letter in the cover flap and reveal either words or pictures of places, items, animals, anything that starts with that letter (S is for snake, skunk, sun, sand, sunflower, etc)

The great thing about this board is that you can take almost any of your activities and reverse them!  You can show examples of farm animals and ask your child where they live, then reveal a farm under the flap.

I keep all of my index cards in an index card organizer (it’s not fun when they get mixed up!), but you can always wrap each bundle in a rubber band.

Looking for something else to help teach your child? Try felt quiet book pages (with no sewing) – I have free beginner patterns!

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