How To Write For KrisBeeMama

I’m so excited to read your article! So, your topic is approved and a due date is set. Now what?

How To Create Your Article For Review

Once your topic and due date are set:

  1. You will receive an email telling you how to log in to the WordPress backend.
  2. Another email will follow with confirmed details for your post (due date and topic).

To really help you understand the steps to take to complete your post, here is a document with what you need to know (with instructions on creating your profile and article):

KrisBeeMama Guest Blogger How To

Also reference the KrisBeeMama Guest Blogger Guidelines you agreed to when submitting your post idea.

Once Your Article Is Approved

After your article is approve (following potential edits), you will receive a confirmation email with:

  • An expected publication date
  • The article URL to share after your article is published

Once Your Article Is Published

Your post is live! Celebration time!

KrisBeeMama will share your article on social media (may include Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus).

You are welcome to share your post as you’d like on social media or on your blog! KrisBeeMama will create a pinnable image that will be present on your post for sharing once live.

Readers will find your profile information at the bottom of the post in the author box. Any links you added (your blog URL and social media) are ready to be clicked.


If you have any questions, please contact KrisBeeMama.