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A couple of years ago, my sister suggested I purchase some regular flashcards for my son that interact with your smart phone or tablet. I looked them up and thought they looked really fun, so I purchased the animal pack (with food add-on pack) to give them a try.

While my son was way too young at the time to fully appreciate them, he found many of the animal animations hilarious (especially the frog who eats mosquitoes when you place both the animal and food flashcards on the table). Now that my son is older, I am so glad I have them!

NOTE: I have not been paid or commissioned to promote these cards, though see disclaimer below.

Before App Interaction
After App Interaction

While I highly prefer for my son to play outdoors off of screens, these cards offer a unique experience for your child where the screen interacts with the real world.

How To Use The Cards

Here is how they work:

  1. Purchase a pack of flashcards
  2. Download a free app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play (each deck has a separate app)
  3. Enter the code from the box to activate the cards (and the optional food cards add-on)
  4. Play and learn!

You just open the app, place a flashcard in front of your device camera and an animation plays of the animal or object on the card. You can move your device around for different angles or hold the flashcard and turn it around to see the full 3D/4D animation with sounds.

What Types Are Available?

The cards are made by Octagon Studio and each different set has a separate free app to download:

  • Animal 4D Flashcards (with optional Food 4D Flashcards)
  • Dinosaur 4D Flashcards
  • Space 4D Flashcards

Below are links to the cards on, though you can find them directly on the Octagon Studio website.


I own the animal and space packs and will likely purchase the dinosaur cards. The space pack is definitely for an older age group, but my 2.5-year-old son still loves to see the animations.

Each card has a very simple animation and sound (the sounds can be short and play over and over). However, my son doesn’t seem to mind the repetition and continually places card after card under the device to discover what it does. I also wish that the food deck for the animals had more animal choices, but my son only really cares about the frog eating mosquitos right now anyway (lol).

Feel free to give them a try and let me know what you think!

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