The Best Single Serve Coffee Maker You Will Ever Use: The Aeropress

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Are you a busy mom, minimalist, camper, traveler, or do you just want a quick and easy way to make coffee? The AeroPress is a great way to make your morning joe one cup at a time so you can create coffee that is dark, light or flavored to your taste! As a fellow mom I can’t help make sure you are be able to drink your coffee while it’s still warm (or for some of us, remembering we made it in the first place…), I can at least help you make a good cup of coffee!

I have not been paid or asked to highlight this product. This is merely a product I use daily! All opinions are my own and do not represent Aeropress.

Every morning I wake to either my toddler coming into the room (currently around 5:30am) or my baby fussing. From the moment I wake, I am thinking and planning for the day with the kids. Self care has always been hard for me (something I’m working on), especially after having kids that I feel need my care more. So when one of my kids wakes me in the morning, I sometimes forget to remember myself in the day’s plans.

One of the few things I remember is to make myself a drink in the morning, usually coffee with creamer of white chocolate added. As a breastfeeding mama, I’m currently choosing to drink decaf while my husband has extra dark, full leaded (caffeinated) coffee. Having this single serve coffee press allows each of us to make the kind of coffee we want without having to throw out any extra.

I don’t even own a coffee pot anymore. And while I love the idea of the single cup Kuerig, it’s somewhat large and the “pods” create a lot of waste (and the reusable pods look like they would be very hard to keep clean, especially compared to the Aeropress). We do have a coffee press, but that thing is so hard to clean! Getting the coffee grounds out of the bottom and the filter gives me a headache every time. No joke. It makes me curse under my breath as I try not to clog the kitchen sink with the grounds I couldn’t scoop out.

So when a coworker (during my former life with a “day job”) came to the office kitchen with this funny contraption, I was intrigued. He told me that he is from Saudi Arabia and only the AeroPress would brew his special coffee he gets from home without changing the taste and texture. Plus, he could perfectly control how long it brewed, the temperature of the water, and the amount of coffee to use to get it exactly right.

That sounded great, but while I love coffee, I didn’t think I needed that much control over my brew. But, I decided to try it anyway. I am so glad I tried it! It took me only a couple tries to get my coffee the way I like it, and I was amazed at how easy it was to clean! And the only waste is a tiny, circle filter that goes in our compost with the grounds.

Plus, the AeroPress is at least half the price of your average coffee pot (and a third the cost of some low end Kuerigs). 

Some people also make loose leaf tea in the AeroPress. I don’t mean to be lazy or wasteful, but we use regular teabags in our home.

Here is how I use the AeroPress (it’s sooooo much simpler than it looks):

  1. Put water on to boil (we have a kettle)
  2. Place one circle filter in the filter cap, then attach the base to the brew chamber
  3. Add the coffee of choice (in the amount of choice) to the chamber
  4. Place the bottom of the chamber on top of your coffee mug
  5. Pour your boiling water over the coffee grounds
  6. Wait your desired amount of time for brewing (the longer you brew, the darker the coffee)
  7. Use the plunger to push the grounds to the bottom and your coffee out the bottom/filter

Done! You will even see some fancy froth on top as if you went to a coffee shop. Then, you just undo the base and push the plunger to “pop” (it actually makes that sound) the grounds and filter in the garbage or compost. Rinse and put in the dishwasher and you’re all cleaned up.

The AeroPress also comes with a stirrer for while your coffee is brewing (I never use it though many do), a holder for your filters (one tiny bag of filters does 350 cups of coffee), a funnel so you don’t spill your coffee grounds (I don’t use it), and a coffee ground scoop (I just use a spoon).

Picture from Aeopress

Now when I travel to see family, we pack the AeroPress with us just in case where we are staying doesn’t have ready access to coffee. I’ve also taken the Aeropress camping (would even work if you actually backpack in to your site) and will take it with us when we travel anywhere.

Well, I hope you give the AeroPress a try. If you do (or are already an avid fan), leave a comment below!

Please note that although this is a fantastic product, it does require a little bit of hand strength so may not be the best for those who have arthritis, carpel tunnel or other malady that may affect your hand or arm strength. Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy and not difficult for most people. But I have two family members this wonderful product wouldn’t work well for because of hand or strength issues.

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  1. I’ve been looking for something that’s portable like this for my husband (for work) – had never heard of it before so it’s great to discover new products – thanks! Popping over from #SnappedUp

  2. Lisa @

    This looks really cool! I bet my husband would love it. Especially for travelling.

  3. Looks amazing! I need to see if they are available here (I’m in South Africa). I hate making a whole pot of coffee and not finishing it

  4. Sounds pretty cool. I’ll have to share this with my coffee addict family & friends since I’m one of the weirdos who doesn’t like coffee ?

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