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Harry Potter party on KrisBeeMama.com

Throw a Harry Potter Themed Party or Baby Shower on a Budget

You read that right! We just threw a baby shower (a “sprinkle” since it is my second) for ourselves themed for Harry Potter! Most of the decorations are DIY, along with mostly homemade food and sweets. Not only did we have a limited budget, but we also had both adults and kids at the shower…
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child looking at a book

How To Stop Your Child From Picking Paint and Ripping Books

  Does your child like picking paint off the wall or ripping pages out of books? In most cases, this is perfectly normal and just a stage your child will grow out of. But in the mean time, what do you do to protect your home and your belongings? I read a few articles about…
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Hello, Mama!

KrisBeeMama was created to help moms just like you find support and learn ways to balance life, work, and motherhood. This is a collaborative blog so you won’t just get one mom’s perspective (mine!).

I’m Kristine, owner of KrisBeeMama and a work-at-home-mom with two beautiful boys.

As a former project manager and organization nerd, you can learn to organize the chaos of life, work, and motherhood right here.

I’ve got you, mama.