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Helping Your Toddler With Moving To A New Home

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I’m pregnant (due in two weeks). We bought a house two weeks ago. We hosted Christmas with my in-laws from out of town.

It has been CRAZY!

If you are wondering why you haven’t heard from me in a while, well there you go.  I’d like to say the insanity is over, but now we await the arrival of my second son and unpack everything in our house after our move.  Oh and New Years and my husband’s birthday tomorrow (party Saturday).  Aaaaah!

The timing of everything lately has been great and terrible at the same time. It’s amazing that we were able to move before the baby arrives but also frustrating that it was right before Christmas while I am nearly bursting with a baby in my belly.  

Anyone that has moved in their third trimester can tell you how exhausting and frustrating it can be, especially when you can’t help lift anything and need assistance moving anything and everything (packing and unpack). My job a couple weeks ago was to watch my son while everyone else did all the heavy lifting (and eventually cleaning of our old residence).

Now, I will tell you that I’m a bit of a control freak. But in this instance, I had almost no control and relied on others with blind faith.

Being so close to Christmas, we had very little offers of help – one friend and two of my brothers who drove 3 hours (thank you!). Even though we are short on money after the house purchase, we were able to hire two moving guys for 6 hours (which at least got us half our stuff with their assistance).

Let me also add that this is our second move in a year.  We were renting a house and were told that our lease would not be renewed because the owners wanted to sell.  

Given two months to vacate, we spent over a month desperately trying to find a house to purchase (as you can imagine we felt very done with renting).  It was by far one of the most stressful times, and I will admit that I had quite a breakdown in the midst of it all (a topic for later).

Eventually an apartment was found for temporary housing until we could find something better.  Half of our belongings went to storage, with the necessary items going with us to the apartment.  On the flip side, it was amazing to live with less stuff surrounding us, and we did a great job donating or getting rid of a ton of items during that move that had been merely taking up space (and we plan to do the same this time).

So back to it.  Before the second move, my son (who turns three in three months) was very attached to home. Every time we were out running errands, doing play dates or any other outing, he would ask “go home?” within minutes of leaving. I was very worried about his transition to the new place.

We bought a couple of books to help prepare him and read them to him a couple times while constantly talking about his new room (and the fact that our new home would have a garage, which he is obsessed with for some reason).

Although he struggled with sleep for a couple of days, we were delightfully surprised at how well he took to the changes! It definitely helped that our house is over twice the size of our old apartment, which meant Jim got his own play area and the pick of which bedroom he wanted for his own.

Now that we are finally moved in and have handed in the keys for our old place, it’s time to get everything set in our new home.

I cannot tell you how maddening it is to still be limited in what I can do to get unpacked. But as a first time home owner, we are thrilled to know we can do whatever we want to our place without losing security deposits or potentially breaking the rules of residency!

While we are not thrilled about the location, we know that this house would have been twice the price if we had staying in our old city. We also know it’s not forever. But, we have a large yard for Jim to play and plenty of space for everything. Totally worth it!

To top everything off, we moved the weekend before Christmas, our favorite holiday by far. Between the move and my impending labor, this was the first year we didn’t travel to see family for the big day. While my family is huge and everyone has kids, my husband’s family is small and came to stay with us for five days. I was immensely sad to not be able to spend time with my family, but we just couldn’t risk me going in to labor while visiting.

Hosting Christmas in a house that is full of boxes everywhere was not optimal, but I am very glad Chris and Jim were able to spend time with family even though we couldn’t travel to see mine.  Christmas Eve brought with it snow that made driving impossible.  

We all made the best of it and enjoyed the unexpected white Christmas.  No Christmas is complete without some drama, right?  For example, the dishwasher spewed a couple gallons of water on the kitchen floor on Christmas Day – my husband and I were adamant that we wanted to fix it (since it’s our new home and we needed to learn to fix things ourselves).  We never completely confirmed the issue, but it hasn’t happened since.

Did I mention that the day after Christmas my wild child banged his head on our futon and split his head open?

Hello ER visit number three in a month and a half (the first two were just items up his nose – a rock and then an Altoid mint).

I will never forget the image of my husband carrying J up the stairs, blood pouring down his crying and screaming face. Thankfully, all he needed was liquid stitches, and we were on our way back home around 11pm.  Honestly, we are very lucky it was the first real injury he has ever received!

Well, I guess it’s time to do some more juggling of parenting and unpacking before we head out for New Years festivities this afternoon. Although it has been stressful, insane, fun and amazing,

I’m looking forward to things calming down…oh wait…right.  Baby.  Wish me luck!

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